Monday, September 24

Lock Lyrics

Isn't it pretty?
Found something the other day, a lock of red with bits of gray
Frankly I would like to say it looked too new to throw away
it's not mine, I have no key, and chances are I'm not lucky
too bad I am curious and slow to become furious

cray cray was my mindset then, more than forty x times ten
combinations round the clock it'd take two weeks to pull it off
twist the dial for the combo, tweak the spinning for the code,
all these numbers are just digits, digits that I'd like to know

Without sleep and without thought, my patience then would be for nought
to waste that time would be a crime...
round and round you'd hear that sound ticking tocking for the click
sticking there and listening...

Videos up on the net, ways to hack and trick and guess
apparently no competence since even then I know not yet.
Guess I'm back to circle zero without my own very hero
make it disappear for good, got no theft in my neighborhood.

(Music Video Coming Soon!)

Saturday, September 22

The Personalities of Raindrops

Realistic: Original Everything

Romantic: Tint and Contrast
Emotional: Shadows and Highlights

Wednesday, September 12

Autumn Fairy

I've been putting off backgrounds because they entail much detail. But I usually like the look of them in the end. Like this time.
Fern from "Triglita"

Wednesday, September 5

Summer Fairy

Willow from "Triglita"

Tuesday, July 17


So, I haven't posted in awhile because I've been tearing my hair out over animation concepts and the like. But I thought this dump of rouch storyboard panels looked cool all showing through like so, so:
For my next project... um... something to do with Firefly because it is awesome.
And I'll try not to go bald with all this failed animation plotting...

Monday, July 2

Book Covers

My sister and I spent five straight months talking to each other nearly everyday as we worked to finish writing/editing our novels. Though we fell short of the deadline (June 31st), I did find the time to sort of illustrate the covers. Enjoy!

Monday, June 18

Video: Cooking with Clinton



Sunday, June 10

June Project with... music?

From my “creative weekend” I took a picture of each "Section"

and then I decided to get silly by making some… ahem… music.

Thursday, June 7

Scripted: Ravioli Vignette

Oh hey April, thanks for house sitting.

My pleasure.

As always you're free to eat anything.


There's a ton of pasta in the fridge.

Okay. Have fun on your trip!

24 hours later all the pasta is gone and BECAUSE I ate all those carbohydrates I'm craving even more. As I scrounge for food in the cupboard I come across a can of ravioli.

Oooh! Perfect, I'm going to eat this ravioli.

I then spend about ten minutes going through all the drawers and cupboards searching for a can opener, but to no avail.

I REALLY want to eat this ravioli.

I take a device that in some distant age was probably used to puncture aluminum cans to get the liquid part out. I have no idea how to use it.


I spend about twenty minutes tearing apart the can so that the hole is big enough for the pieces of ravioli because I love it when the pieces come out perfectly. Amazingly, I do not injure myself.


I then take pictures to forever immortalize one of my happiest moments of my life.

Monday, June 4

Water Color: Mudsquerade

From my “House of Mud” novella. Drew this awhile ago, but finally got around to coloring it with marker and watercolor.

Tuesday, May 29

Update: Tumblr, Twitter and Toddlers

So, I have come to the conclusion that Tumblr is pretty neat and will be keeping an identical blog there:

While I'm at it... why not add some twitter in there too?

If you're not so crazy about social media sites, then just keep following me here. The first and foremost where you can see me in all my brilliance.

My nephew is great at taking pictures of me!

Sunday, May 20

Perspective Challenge

Hmmm... I wonder what I should do today?
Sometimes in life we are forced to make a choice just for the sake of doing something. (Of course, doing nothing is also a choice. But who wants to do nothing, seriously?)
I like to eat and sleep and draw and dance and sing and write. So when I was trying to figure out what I should do for today's blog...

I doodled this coolness ^^

Which made me think of a Christmas Tree...

And a map...
And then some faces...
And then some poofy-dress princess...

And then the Devil breaking into through to another dimension. Cause that's just how I roll.

Tuesday, May 15

Loki Speedpaint (8 Hours)

" It's the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power. For identity. You were made to be ruled."

(I did this in a little over 8 hours and only cheated on the lines.)

Reference Shot:
Reference Shot: oooh la la

 Did I mention that I love Tom Hiddleston "Loki"?


I do not mind staring at him for eight hours.

Monday, May 7

Dancing Backwards

I made this video for a songstowearpantsto competetion called "So you think you can Pants"
So the music is his, but the dancing and other awesomeness is mine. Enjoy!
Update: I didn't win, but I wasn't expecting to. YOLO

Thursday, May 3

70 Years Avatar Tribute

Made with Sony Vegas for the most awesome animated series' of all time.
Please leave comments on the Youtube page:
Avatar the Last Airbender Book 3 Trailer
Avatar the Last Airbender Book 1 Opening Sequence
The Legend of Korra Trailer

Clips from
Music from
----- Information Leak - Joe Boyd Vigil
----- Chill - DJ Calus

Disclaimer: I do not own any content used in this video. No profit is generated from it. All content is used under fair use.

Monday, April 30

Poetry Month 2012: "Spaces In-Between"

Sometimes we get so wrapped up with all our
to-dos and to-dont's and obligations and obsessions
that we forget about our hopes and dreams
and especially the spaces in-between.
You can't get from point A to Z
without the twenty-four other letters.
So take all the steps,
even the ones you you're not likely to remember,
because without them there would be no ripples
and those across the ocean would never know you were there.

Monday, April 23

Poetry Month 2012: Shakespearean Sonnet

Inspired by one of the scenes from my novel Oblivion.

You have hair as black as a raven's tail,
how could I not think you were a demon?
With golden eyes assuming I will fail,
but no, I now know that I will not run.
This cathedral is full of the shadows,
the ones that I foolishly created.
You mere spirit from the path that I chose
cannot understand how long I've waited.
Not empty words, nor this darkness outside
could shake me from all that I believe in.
You could have been truthful, you could have lied,
neither will change this remission of sins.
Words from a cat are merely a token
of how Hell wished that I could be broken.

Monday, April 16

Poetry Month 2012: "Clockwork Thoughts"

In my long attempts to come up with an idea for animation, I imagined up this:

Monday, April 9

Poetry Month 2012: Acrostic Limerick

A sunny day brought out a rabbit, it

Put all his eggs in a basket, it
Ran down the street,

I heard a car

Looks like it needed a casket.

Monday, April 2

Poetry Month 2012: Haiku

Acrostic haiku w/speedpaint
This month is all about poetry.
That doesn't mean I'm gonna rhyme.

My name is all over it
This month is my month.

Friday, March 30

Plastic Animation Paper Testing

Just some clips I made and then put together in the most entertaining way possible.
Sorry no audio.

Clips made using which is awesome because it's free and it has a timeline. Clips put together using windows movie maker.

Wednesday, March 14

This is what life looks like...

This is what life looks like... when you don't plan things out:
Crappy watercolors...

look better from a different angle.

Sketches of Mischief look best from two angles.

The Summary, Character List and Vocabulary of my novel provides a new angle of reference:

And depending on your angle, life can be good or bad.

Imaginary Deadlines:
March 26th : Ninja Mailman
April 30th : Drivers License
May 28th : Oblivion
August 27th : Episode One

Monday, February 27

"I'm so not original"

made with MS paint...

The White Lotus:
Avatar from the Spirit World

I made this fanfiction a long time ago...
Revamped 2012 with photoshop
February 19th 2008 - April 12th 2008
I wrote my one and only fanfiction which remained unfinished... because that is the curse of a writer. Anyway, it was about the Order of the White Lotus from Avatar: The Last Airbender and I was a little sad that I had deleted it, never delete your work by the way.

I went back to my old account so I could comment on my friends fanfiction... And last week, I once again became interested in reading the other Airbender fics out there so, unfortuneatley searched "white lotus" under A:LaB and voila... I discovered that some jerkface raja.signora had STOLEN my idea from the fanfic I wrote back in 2008. SERIOUSLY!!!
So, naturally I read it to see how craptastic the writer could make it. Sure, it's muffled and confusing and a bit intense for a mere fanfic writer... I start wondering if I had read this before I wrote my own fanfic because it started to seem really familiar....
I realized then that raja.signora did not only STEAL my idea, she copied and pasted MY STORY on HER account!

And then I remembered...
is an acronym for
aja garrison
yup... I'm so original.

Monday, February 20

Explosions of Epic Adorableness

Puppies playing in the backyard. All of them have been sold except for two of the spotty girls.

And I know that I should really move one from Doctor Who, but how can I resist sharing the epicness: this Poster my friend gave to me as a late b-day present. Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Scrap: Jenny as Alice
Jackie staring at tea cup

And here's a couple stuff I drew, drawing inspiration from my friend's fanfic: To Play the Fool

Monday, February 13

Distracted by the Doctor

11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver
I have always understood the awesomeness that is BBC. And then I watched six seasons of Doctor Who (in two weeks)... I am obsessed. This show is AMAZING. However, now that I've had my fun, I will return to my creative endeavors. Animating and Novelling. Here's a wee little animation and the process of drawing it down below.


wooo weee woooo whee wooooo.....
The process: shape, outline, refine, color, lighting, detail.

Monday, February 6

Recap 2012 and plans for the future...

New Year... new blog posts and NEW TECH!
Plus the Kodak Easyshare Camera I used to take the picture...

Sundance Film Festival: Screening of "Beasts of the Southern Wild"

The PUPPIES have reached the age of cuteness! *chomp*
Current Projects:
  • February Editing @ 7am M-F (Oblivion)
  • Fall 2012 Animation ("Untitled")
  • Monday Blogging