Monday, April 30

Poetry Month 2012: "Spaces In-Between"

Sometimes we get so wrapped up with all our
to-dos and to-dont's and obligations and obsessions
that we forget about our hopes and dreams
and especially the spaces in-between.
You can't get from point A to Z
without the twenty-four other letters.
So take all the steps,
even the ones you you're not likely to remember,
because without them there would be no ripples
and those across the ocean would never know you were there.

Monday, April 23

Poetry Month 2012: Shakespearean Sonnet

Inspired by one of the scenes from my novel Oblivion.

You have hair as black as a raven's tail,
how could I not think you were a demon?
With golden eyes assuming I will fail,
but no, I now know that I will not run.
This cathedral is full of the shadows,
the ones that I foolishly created.
You mere spirit from the path that I chose
cannot understand how long I've waited.
Not empty words, nor this darkness outside
could shake me from all that I believe in.
You could have been truthful, you could have lied,
neither will change this remission of sins.
Words from a cat are merely a token
of how Hell wished that I could be broken.

Monday, April 16

Poetry Month 2012: "Clockwork Thoughts"

In my long attempts to come up with an idea for animation, I imagined up this:

Monday, April 9

Poetry Month 2012: Acrostic Limerick

A sunny day brought out a rabbit, it

Put all his eggs in a basket, it
Ran down the street,

I heard a car

Looks like it needed a casket.

Monday, April 2

Poetry Month 2012: Haiku

Acrostic haiku w/speedpaint
This month is all about poetry.
That doesn't mean I'm gonna rhyme.

My name is all over it
This month is my month.