Friday, March 30

Plastic Animation Paper Testing

Just some clips I made and then put together in the most entertaining way possible.
Sorry no audio.

Clips made using which is awesome because it's free and it has a timeline. Clips put together using windows movie maker.

Wednesday, March 14

This is what life looks like...

This is what life looks like... when you don't plan things out:
Crappy watercolors...

look better from a different angle.

Sketches of Mischief look best from two angles.

The Summary, Character List and Vocabulary of my novel provides a new angle of reference:

And depending on your angle, life can be good or bad.

Imaginary Deadlines:
March 26th : Ninja Mailman
April 30th : Drivers License
May 28th : Oblivion
August 27th : Episode One