Monday, February 27

"I'm so not original"

made with MS paint...

The White Lotus:
Avatar from the Spirit World

I made this fanfiction a long time ago...
Revamped 2012 with photoshop
February 19th 2008 - April 12th 2008
I wrote my one and only fanfiction which remained unfinished... because that is the curse of a writer. Anyway, it was about the Order of the White Lotus from Avatar: The Last Airbender and I was a little sad that I had deleted it, never delete your work by the way.

I went back to my old account so I could comment on my friends fanfiction... And last week, I once again became interested in reading the other Airbender fics out there so, unfortuneatley searched "white lotus" under A:LaB and voila... I discovered that some jerkface raja.signora had STOLEN my idea from the fanfic I wrote back in 2008. SERIOUSLY!!!
So, naturally I read it to see how craptastic the writer could make it. Sure, it's muffled and confusing and a bit intense for a mere fanfic writer... I start wondering if I had read this before I wrote my own fanfic because it started to seem really familiar....
I realized then that raja.signora did not only STEAL my idea, she copied and pasted MY STORY on HER account!

And then I remembered...
is an acronym for
aja garrison
yup... I'm so original.

Monday, February 20

Explosions of Epic Adorableness

Puppies playing in the backyard. All of them have been sold except for two of the spotty girls.

And I know that I should really move one from Doctor Who, but how can I resist sharing the epicness: this Poster my friend gave to me as a late b-day present. Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Scrap: Jenny as Alice
Jackie staring at tea cup

And here's a couple stuff I drew, drawing inspiration from my friend's fanfic: To Play the Fool

Monday, February 13

Distracted by the Doctor

11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver
I have always understood the awesomeness that is BBC. And then I watched six seasons of Doctor Who (in two weeks)... I am obsessed. This show is AMAZING. However, now that I've had my fun, I will return to my creative endeavors. Animating and Novelling. Here's a wee little animation and the process of drawing it down below.


wooo weee woooo whee wooooo.....
The process: shape, outline, refine, color, lighting, detail.

Monday, February 6

Recap 2012 and plans for the future...

New Year... new blog posts and NEW TECH!
Plus the Kodak Easyshare Camera I used to take the picture...

Sundance Film Festival: Screening of "Beasts of the Southern Wild"

The PUPPIES have reached the age of cuteness! *chomp*
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