Monday, October 17

NaNoWriMo 2011

Only seventh-son families can work magic, but that doesn't mean commoners can't fake it.

Robin is known as "the eighth son of the Muds" even though she is a girl. Like her brothers before her, she is rough, rowdy and indistinguishable by the layers of gray mud caked onto her skin and hair. But at night, when everyone else is sleeping, she dances. Since none, but the nobles dance, it is with this secret passion that Robin becomes envious of her older brother and the fact that he's allowed to attend the Royal Academy simply because he is a seventh-son.
So, what does she do?

She picks up any old alley cat from the streets and tries to sneak in, of course.

Monday, October 10

"Don't ever forget the..." Lyrics

Lyrics/Rough Draft...

Can you remember reading shakespeare in the school that is high?
Can you recall the atmosphere of carbon dioxide?
I'll see'o to it,
If you'll go through it,
With me one more time.

Verse 1
Astronomy, where the black hole is me
And art classes one two and three
All the planets revolve around the sun, a star
But if we follow an orbit, then we won't get past
what you cut up into pieces again and again
just making a collage that makes it last
I see the pieces underneath the new
the memories may fade,
but they'll stay there too
so take a hint and let it hit
like a dodgeball in gym:

Ignorance isn't...
you cannot forget
can't drown out the memories
can't stop the pull of the habit
So when you make the switch, make it...
Don't ever forget
or else you can't stop it from happening all over again.

Verse 2
One equals one why? I'm done with this course,
how hoarse came my voice again and again,
when I selected an A for each multiple choice.
And got an F as a grade
cause the.. you know the rest.
The teacher of bias, of spite and dislike,
lost all my work and was able to sleep (that night)
But you keep coming back to settle the score
But you sow what you reap
and there's nothing to keep
This isn't show and tell.


Verse 3?

Monday, October 3

Midnight Roleplay

Ebony, Crow and Elle
           What better way to research your character's personality then by throwing them into the vicious roleplaying boards on neopets? (It was research I tell you!)
          Can you guess which one I played?

          How about who said what?

  1. "I steal dolphins, souls AND cheese!"
  2. "How can we tell you're mortal... hmmm... Oh! I know! I know! Let's cut off one of your arms!"
  3. "If you want it dead. I can kill it."

          Highlight for answers: Elle was my character. 1. Ebony. 2. Elle. 3. Crow.