Saturday, December 14

My Own Backyard

It was like, no it was a dream,
The vividness is lingering.
As horror in our thoughts or not,
Gave way to dawn and drawn out plot.
The little ones were angels then.
They are now and will be again.

Sunday, June 30

My Bad:

June was a strange month that went by faster than expected. So fast that this was the only thing I got around to doing...
I am a mad genius I tell you.

Monday, May 27

Talk To You Later

My plans for the summer are a bit abstract.

Monday, April 29

Just Kidding

Did I tell you that I am secretly going to grow up to be an old cat lady... and when I do this is going to happen (these are "beat boards" that I did for storyboard university)....
1. I am going to tell everyone that I am the most awesomest crazy old cat lady ever...

2. People are going to start giving me cats...

3. And more cats....

4. Those cats are going to leave little presents on my pillow (like mine did on April 4th).

5. I am going to get really angry.

6. Instead of giving all the cats away I am going to prove that I am still the most awesomest crazy old cat lady ever...

7. By opening an extermination business.


Friday, March 29

Be Right Back:

1. I planned a cinder block vegetable garden (and laid out the cinder blocks):

I still need to actually start growing stuff....

2. I put out an ad for roommates and I met the three that I will be living with....

Alyson has to dye her awesome hair into a natural color for her job, but doesn't it look great?
Ari is Japanese :)

3. I joined a writer's group.

So you're writing about mermaids... I guess my nymph story doesn't sound that strange.

4. Oh and this happened....
And that is after twenty minutes of scrubbing and soaking. The other hand wasn't as bad.
Stupid printer trying to poison me...

Wednesday, February 27

My Thoughts Exactly:

On the 4th: Crisps Attack Us!

On the 12th: Cat Upside Down
On the 15th: Dive

On the 21st: Forever Alone

On the 26th: First Attempt - Sarah O'Maid

Here we are at the end of February and so much has changed. I'll be paying for utilities for the first time in my life, I'll be doing my own grocery shopping for the first time in my life, I'll be fending for myself for the first time in my life. It's about time. Really. I applied for a food server position at an old folks home... so if I get that job then I don't know how much time I'll have left to be able to commit to my creativity. I know there is so much time everyday, so it is possible, it most certainly is possible. After this week, helping my sister and her family move and then going on a winter retreat... maybe things will calm down just a little. Here's to making new friends and developing talents! Cheers! - April

Thursday, January 31

For Your Information:

So, the new year has begun and some of us are trying to hold onto those new year's resolutions that always seem to slip through our fingers. Well, I say nay! I WILL blog once a month this year... but with what?

My creative endeavors have taken a backseat to this crazy thing called "college". But even with a full load of online courses (yes, online courses), there are so many hours in the day.

I mean, I'm doing extremely well in my classes even though all this month I have watched 21 cumulative hours of Korean drama, kept up with 5 television shows and 50+ youtube subscriptions, read 4 books, oh... and spent too much time watching kittens on livestream.

I suppose that if I limited my consumption of entertainment then I would have time to create some for you. So, anticipate projects this year such as Year of the Tree (Part One) and "How to be a Crazy Cat Lady", as well as the usual original drawings, poetry and whatnot that will be scrapped together at the end of every month in one blog post. See you at the end of February!