Saturday, February 8

Hidden Spring

The forest was her throne with a crown, of sticks and stone
jewels, lay in the dirt where the seeds of fern would grow.
The trees remained her castle towers, kept safe inside the moat,
her hollow voice spoke as the wind and to the river's ends she follows.

Saturday, December 14

My Own Backyard

It was like, no it was a dream,
The vividness is lingering.
As horror in our thoughts or not,
Gave way to dawn and drawn out plot.
The little ones were angels then.
They are now and will be again.

Sunday, June 30

My Bad:

June was a strange month that went by faster than expected. So fast that this was the only thing I got around to doing...
I am a mad genius I tell you.

Monday, May 27

Talk To You Later

My plans for the summer are a bit abstract.

Monday, April 29

Just Kidding

Did I tell you that I am secretly going to grow up to be an old cat lady... and when I do this is going to happen (these are "beat boards" that I did for storyboard university)....
1. I am going to tell everyone that I am the most awesomest crazy old cat lady ever...

2. People are going to start giving me cats...

3. And more cats....

4. Those cats are going to leave little presents on my pillow (like mine did on April 4th).

5. I am going to get really angry.

6. Instead of giving all the cats away I am going to prove that I am still the most awesomest crazy old cat lady ever...

7. By opening an extermination business.