A computer genius finds himself face to face with a demon bent on turning him into the next anti-Christ. Meanwhile a billionaire, a celebrity and a murderer compete for the same title, but which one will win?

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Year of the Tree

1. Winter
The Shrubs have had enough with their second-class place in society. How far will they go to change their standing in society?
2. Spring
The Admiral's daughter was supposed to pick a husband at the Ball, but two extremist half-nymphs kidnapped her instead. Can she stop them from throwing everything into chaos?

3. Summer
Everything went wrong, but the Admiral's son still has hope for victory.
4. Fall
The forces of nature and mankind will clash in the last struggle to wipe out the other.

Nanowrimo '13

There are a bunch of old cat ladies living together in a mansion. The neighborhood kids call them the Spinsters. Sarah is teased by her classmates that she is going to end up just like them because she is ugly and stupid and has a fondness for cats. The girl gets so fed up with everyone that she climbs over the estate wall and discovers that there is so much more to being an old cat lady than anyone had ever imagined.

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