Monday, April 23

Poetry Month 2012: Shakespearean Sonnet

Inspired by one of the scenes from my novel Oblivion.

You have hair as black as a raven's tail,
how could I not think you were a demon?
With golden eyes assuming I will fail,
but no, I now know that I will not run.
This cathedral is full of the shadows,
the ones that I foolishly created.
You mere spirit from the path that I chose
cannot understand how long I've waited.
Not empty words, nor this darkness outside
could shake me from all that I believe in.
You could have been truthful, you could have lied,
neither will change this remission of sins.
Words from a cat are merely a token
of how Hell wished that I could be broken.

1 comment:

Colleen E. said... Cool. Very Oblivion. I also like the artwork. It looks like Felix but smarter.