Monday, September 24

Lock Lyrics

Isn't it pretty?
Found something the other day, a lock of red with bits of gray
Frankly I would like to say it looked too new to throw away
it's not mine, I have no key, and chances are I'm not lucky
too bad I am curious and slow to become furious

cray cray was my mindset then, more than forty x times ten
combinations round the clock it'd take two weeks to pull it off
twist the dial for the combo, tweak the spinning for the code,
all these numbers are just digits, digits that I'd like to know

Without sleep and without thought, my patience then would be for nought
to waste that time would be a crime...
round and round you'd hear that sound ticking tocking for the click
sticking there and listening...

Videos up on the net, ways to hack and trick and guess
apparently no competence since even then I know not yet.
Guess I'm back to circle zero without my own very hero
make it disappear for good, got no theft in my neighborhood.

(Music Video Coming Soon!)

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